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Salesdish Outsourcing Services
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Salesdish Outsourcing Services

Service for e-commerce and dropshippers.
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  • Огляд додатка Salesdish Outsourcing Services

        China Team: We are a service support team from China.
        One-stop service: Provide one-stop service from product sourcing, procurement, contract performance, delivery, warehousing, and transportation.
        Marketing Promotion: Provide Advertising Marketing and promotion services.
        Online store customization: Provide online store customization decoration and setting services.
    We are a service support team from China, providing a series of high-quality and reliable one-stop services for e-commerce merchants and dropshippers. One-stop solution for your Products Fulfillment, Marketing Promotion, Online store setup and fit-out, and related issues. You can freely choose the services you need according to your current needs, and submit your personal information and service demand information to us. We will contact you as soon as possible through the contact information you submitted, and provide you with corresponding services and after-sales throughout the process. You can also view your submitted service records and current service progress in real-time. We love helping customers, please feel free to contact us if you have any problems.
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