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Salesdish Growth Popups

Salesdish Growth Popups

Boost your sales with various sales pop-ups
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  • Огляд додатка Salesdish Growth Popups

        Directly Capture Popups: Display a pop-up window inviting users to sign up for your email newsletter list, turning website visitors into subscribers.
        Discount Capture Popups: Pop-ups entice visitors to sign up with an email address by offering discount codes and help increase sales conversions.
        Guide To Click Popups: Display a popup to notify your customers of a special event or product you want to promote. Direct traffic to specific pages/URLs.
        Customizable Design: You can customize the text , choose a different theme, and add discount codes (if applicable) until you get the look that fits your website perfectly.
    Salesdish Growth Popups can serve multiple purposes. It can grab your visitors' attention, increase visitor retention when they try to leave your page, or offer incentives through discounts. It can even be used as a promotion tool for specific products or as a newsletter subscriptions email capture system. You can create it that allow you to drive more sales, generate more leads, and get more email subscribers from your website traffic. The app supports the creation of three different types of pop-up windows, and provides a variety of different styles of themes for free. You can choose an appropriate popup trigger, which can either be  time-based (displaying the pop-up after a certain delay) or event-based (displaying the pop-up when a visitor intends to leave your page). Adjust the conditions that pop-up displays to determine exactly when they appear - the number of times users view the page and the cool-off period. All collected emails can be viewed in Captured emails.Responsive on any device and more at your fingertips. We love helping customers, please feel free to contact us if you have any problems.
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