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Доступний безкоштовний план

News Ticker

Від ShareiiiT
Update site visitors about breaking news.
Доступний безкоштовний план
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  • Огляд додатка News Ticker

        Show your visitors what's new in an eyes-catching feed
        Set feed items and choose the layout for each feed installation accross your site separately
        Customize feed animation
        Set feed items with automatic expiry
    Add a news ticker to your site to keep visitors up to date. Easily inform them about promotions, events, new releases and any other breaking news. Add images and link items to another page on your site or an external link. Create news items in just a few clicks Choose from a variety of layouts and animations Customize colors and fonts to suit your style
    Доступно:Цей додаток доступний у всьому світі.

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