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Nash: All-in-1 Local Delivery
Від Nash Technologies Inc
Безкоштовно перші 7 днів

Nash: All-in-1 Local Delivery

Від Nash Technologies Inc
Unlock reliable local delivery from top fleets
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Безкоштовно перші 7 днів
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  • Огляд додатка Nash: All-in-1 Local Delivery

        Get all-in-one access to popular fleets like Uber, DoorDash, Roadie, and more
        Personalize tracking links & notifications to keep customers in the loop
        Provide hassle-free in-store pickup options for easy convenience
    Nash powers local delivery for merchants. Seamlessly connect your store to our global network of delivery providers—including Uber, DoorDash, and Roadie. Simplify operations by customizing delivery windows and specifying prep time. Automate order assignments and optimize routes for streamlined fleet management. With Nash, you can also offer convenient pickup options to your customers. Elevate your local fulfillment capabilities and provide exceptional service with our powerful app.
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    План NASH ALL-IN-1

    $29 per location per month

    Access to top fleets
    Custom Tracking links & notifications
    Single platform to manage deliveries
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