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WhatsApp Marketing
Від Smartbis
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WhatsApp Marketing

Від Smartbis
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  • Огляд додатка WhatsApp Marketing

        Marketing automation using your own WhatsApp Business
        Strategic and Automated Messages According to Order Status
        Schedule campaigns for groups of customers with personalized promotions
        High performance in Cart Conversion Created
    Digital Marketing Automation with personalized strategies using your own WhatsApp Our resources stimulate new sales and personalize the consumer experience with each purchase, increasing recurrence and the average ticket in your E-commerce Scheduled Automations: Create Campaigns with Trigger Date and Time, Send to all your Clients or a Group, Run Promotions with Discount Coupons, Notify the Arrival of New Products. Order Flow: Submit the Delivery Tracking Code, Send Coupons to Abandoned Carts, Send Free Shipping to New Cart, Send Instructions for Canceled Orders. Additional Resources: Automatic Import of Customers, Importing Customer Files, Customer Segmentation and History.
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