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Impressive Site Menu
Від Light-Technologies
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Impressive Site Menu

Від Light-Technologies
Impress visitors with a trendy site menu!
Доступний безкоштовний план
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  • Огляд додатка Impressive Site Menu

        3 menu levels
        15 flexible menu types
        18 animated burgers
        600 page icons
    Impressive Site Menu adds useful navigation to the site. Check out our new menu types such as side menus, full-screen menus, horizontal menus. The adaptive style will automatically be configured for your site style, or customize the font, color, menu buttons, icons, and more to get the look you want. 📌Use a multilingual site? The multi-language menu will be good for setting up pages for each language, making navigation on your site easier, displaying the menu in the same language as the visitor's browser. 📌Select from a variety of icons suitable for your page, or upload your own icon! 📌Also, you can add the Title near the menu Logo. 📌Want to add Social Media to the menu? Add up to 6 Social Media Icon and customize via premade design! 📌Try free for 7 days, enjoying all the features.
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    2 menu layouts
    1 social media icon
    2 pages icons
    Fully customizable


    15 menu layouts
    6 social media icons
    Up to 600 page icons + your own icons
    Fully Customizable
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