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Ruthann Bowen
Ruthann Bowen
Transforming your website from a hot mess to total success.

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Про Ruthann Bowen

CEO, Wix DesignHer | Wix Partner Community Leader | WixCon Team Member | Wix DesignHer Founder | Wix Pittsburgh Ambassador "Ruthann is a breath of fresh air! She has taken the lead on our website wants and needs, freeing me up to actually run my business. Ruthann is solution oriented, a true problem solver. Her talents are affordable, and her professionalism exceeds expectations. Commissioning Ruthann to manage our online presence was the best business decision I’ve made this year." Shannon Franklin, Golden Valley Doodles ★★★★★ ____________________________ Wondering about this whole website thing?

 CEOs and business owners approach us every day frustrated with their websites.

 Especially when it comes to monetizing their online presence. 

 They're fed up with things like... 

- Not enough traffic to their site 
- Converting visitors into buyers 
- Connecting all the online dots from Google ads to purchasing their product/service
- Marketing the site post launch We get it...It feels like a never-ending hamster wheel trying the next new thing (‘maybe if we run Facebook ads this time’, or ‘maybe we should put an email subscribe pop-up’, etc.) only to realize you fell once again for pie-in-the-sky “solutions” that never pan out. 

 We’ve seen this time and again. Business owners confused about how their website should work thus ending up with lackluster, unprofitable results. 

It becomes a time waster. Not a money maker.

 But your website can be a proven, results driven, marketing machine.

The go-to place for your target market-and industry-to purchase from over and over again.

 Think about your website right now. How does it look? Better yet, how does your website experience feel? 

If you’re thinking, “Not so good”... we have great news.

 It's never been SO EASY to get a website that converts visitors into buyers. With Wix DesignHer you get...

 ✔ High-end design attracting people to stay and click through.

 ✔ Expert development creating a site reflecting the quality of your business. 

 ✔ Smart SEO getting you noticed and ahead of the pack. 

✔ Dependable service post launch...we stay with you every step of the way.

 Most business owners know they need a website but haven’t been shown how to use it effectively in their overall marketing plan.

 Our site designs fill that gap and ultimately navigate your business to success.

 Visit wixdesignher.com to see how easy it is to get a gorgeous, high profit, results driven website. Email | ruthann@thebowenagency.com Online | www.wixdesignher.com What our clients say: "Ruthann and her team are amazing. They listen to want you want your website to look like and won't give up until they get it right." Nicole Kovich, Mindful Media ★★★★★ ____________________________ "We were extremely impressed with our new website and couldn't believe how quickly the turn around for it was! Our customers are already noticing our site!" Camilla Millslagle, Moonlite Cafe ★★★★★ ____________________________ "Great experience transitioning my old "Do it yourself" website into a quality, well built and functioning website! Vey well done and professional service!" Jeffrey Green, Greenland Surveying ★★★★★ ____________________________...

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Cricket Buchler

14 лист. 2022 р.

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I appreciated that Ruthann went the extra mile to advise me and to jump in and assist with all the issues we uncovered as we went along. She was very thorough and kind and knew how to immediately help me. I am so grateful to have my website working again!...

Edward Miller

19 жовт. 2022 р.

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It is a pleasure working with Ruthann! Very easy to communicate and the work is amazing. Thank you again! Safe Home Management...

Karen Bartos

18 жовт. 2022 р.

Переглянути проєкт
Working with Ruthann is a breath of fresh air! She's so knowledgable, creative and has a fantastic eye for design. Ruthann has designed multiple websites for me and I always get compliments on my sites. Your website is the first impression people will take in about you or your company. Get it right the first time because you don't get a second chance to make a first impression!...

Sue Coffin

23 трав. 2022 р.

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I very much enjoyed working with Ruthann. I had my list of things I needed help with and Ruthann got them all completed within the hour that I had paid for. She was very helpful in helping me understand how to work the back end of Wix. There is so much to learn. Friendly, fun, and knowledgeable. I am looking forward to working with Ruthann again in the near future. Sue Coffin Healing Numbers 22...
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Thank you, Sue! It was a pleasure getting to help you and I look forward to when we have another session!...

Amaisa Gharabeigi

15 бер. 2022 р.

Переглянути проєкт
I had the pleasure of working with Ruthann and Tom and I could not be happier with the services I got from them. In The 2thr "deep dive" meeting I had with Ruthann, I learned all the necessary changes my website needed in order to run smoothly from a customer's stand point. She gave me resourcefuls tips and suggestions that probably would have taken me a while to learn about it myself. As for Tom, he works magic with the SEO's. His work is very detail oriented and I couldn't be happier with the support that I received from Tom and Ruthann....
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Thanks, Amaisa! It was a pleasure working with you and we look forward to watching your business grow with all the changes and SEO updates. Looking forward to staying in touch with you!...

Monica Van Landingham

28 вер. 2021 р.

Переглянути проєкт
Ruthann is amazing. So knowledgeable and fun to work with! The professionalism and efficiency was incredible. I will bring all of the website need to the Bowen Agency. Thank you Ruthann....

Jeffrey Green

11 лют. 2021 р.

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Gold Star Plus Rating! or 5 Stars or a 10 out of 10 score! Ruthann was a pleasure to work with as she created a website for my Land Surveying Corporation that looks professional, Is organized well and has all the extras I wanted for my new website! Not the cheapest price... but well worth the fair and reasonable expense. Always remember you get what you pay for! made product! After several bad experiences with sub-standard cheap website builders services she exceeded my expectations and requirements with a functional and well designed product at a fair price! and in a timely manner!...


17 груд. 2020 р.

Переглянути проєкт
Ruthann was a pleasure to work with. She was so kind and accommodating and reasonably priced. Communication was great, I loved everything she did for my website and I highly recommend her!...


18 вер. 2020 р.

Переглянути проєкт
Ruthann really knows the platform and is an excellent and expedient communicator. I am very happy with the attention my site received....

Kristin Cooper

14 вер. 2020 р.

Переглянути проєкт
Ruthann and Derrick did an excellent job on the revamp of my site. They were quick, responsive and had great suggestions. When we needed changes, they were completely efficiently. I plan to highly recommend them to my clients....

Vanessa Gajewski

15 лип. 2020 р.

Переглянути проєкт
Quick response and she called on-time when scheduled. Very knowledgeable and kind. Will be booking again if needed for sure. Thank you...


26 трав. 2020 р.

Переглянути проєкт
Ruthann did a terrific job updating and transferring my site! I am thankful to have her since I am not very E-intelligent. I am also planning on using her again! Thanks Ruthann!...