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Switched to WiX around 2011 (from Word Press) and never looked back. All my clients have switched from Word Press simply because WiX is now more powerful, user-friendly, and easier to manage. My clients feel in control because they can do the editing later, on their own. Yet, they continue to ask me to make the changes. Glad to be of service. My clients include such businesses as Salons & Spas, Medical Spas, Medical Billing, Technology, Insurance, Legal, Contractors, Construction Planning, Non-Profit, and more. Clients choose 4See Productions because of our creativity where every site is customized to their business philosophy and where they get additional services from one source. 4See Productions also creates stunning video clips, and logo designs, and also offers photography services for products and/or businesses. ...

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Kacie Morrow

1 черв. 2023 р.

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This professional helped me with a couple tasks that I was unable to figure out myself. 4see was great to work with, they provides me with a reasonable estimate, was able to complete the tasks in a timely manner, and provided clear instructions on what I needed to do on my end. I will definitely work with them again. ...