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X (Twitter) Followers Counter
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X (Twitter) Followers Counter

Від Effective Apps
Add a 'Follow Us' & get more X/Twitter followers
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Огляд додатка X (Twitter) Followers Counter

    Show off your real-time amount of X followers with a beautiful Counter.
    Add multiple Counters to any page of your website in any position: Homepage, product page, cart page, footer and header.
    Customize the Counter colors, layout & size and perfectly match it to your website's style.
    Clicking on the Counter sends your visitors to your X account and encourages them to follow you.
Show off your real-time X followers with a customizable hit counter and enhance your website's social proof and brand awareness by showcasing your online presence in the world's most popular social media platform: X. Unlimited Design Options X Followers Counter allows you to display your X popularity through a beautiful customizable Counter that automatically updates and shows your real current number of X followers. Seamlessly integrate the Counter with your site's style by adjusting the Counter's colors, opacities, layouts, borders and more. Automatic Synchronization: No Access To Your X Account Is Required The X Followers Counter automatically synchronizes your followers count and X profile picture without any needed access to your X account. Moreover, you can get more X followers by redirecting your site visitors to your X profile page, making it easy for them to follow you.
Доступно:Цей додаток доступний у всьому світі.
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Весь контент додатку, який відображається на вашому сайту, можна перекласти на будь-яку мову.

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План Basic


1 X (Twitter) Followers Counter
1 counter color, style & layout
Followers count updates every 24 hours
24/7 Professional Support
План Premium


No watermark
Unlimited Twitter Followers Counters
Customize the counter's colors & style
Frequent followers count updates
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