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Webgility QuickBooks Sync
Від Webgility INC
15 дн. безкоштовно

Webgility QuickBooks Sync

Від Webgility INC
Connect your Wix store to QuickBooks Online
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15 дн. безкоштовно

Огляд додатка Webgility QuickBooks Sync

    Sync your Wix order details, refunds, taxes, fees and more to QuickBooks Online automatically
    Automate daily tasks like recording orders into your accounting solution, syncing inventory, updating prices, creating POs, and listing new products
    Simplify inventory and avoid stock-outs by automating inventory and pricing management across channels
    Analyze your financial performance by channel and SKU to uncover growth opportunities from at-a-glance dashboards for all your stores
Webgility is the #1 QuickBooks connector for multichannel sellers on the Wix platform who want to integrate their accounting solution, sales channels, POS systems, shipping applications, and more. Download and sync data in real time, and keep up with the speed of your business. Plus, access an intuitive performance analytics dashboard for deeper insights into profitability, expenses, sales, and settlements. Significantly reduce expensive manual processes, keep your ecommerce data accurate, and gain better financial reporting without writing a single line of code. Webgility has been supporting growth-minded merchants since 2007. And all plans include free, expert training and support.
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План Basic


-250 orders/month -1 sales channel -Sync orders, fees, and payouts -Automatically sync in real-time
План Pro


-500 orders/month -2 sales channels -Sync orders, fees, and payouts -Automatically sync in real-time Sync inventory Sync pricing
План Advanced


-1,000 orders/month -3 sales channels -Sync orders, fees, and payouts -Automatically sync in real-time -Sync inventory -Sync pricing -Advanced Analytics
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