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Upload Form Builder - Formly
Від InsponTech
Безкоштовно перші 3 днів

Upload Form Builder - Formly

Від InsponTech
Upload and form builder for websites
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Безкоштовно перші 3 днів
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        File submission with a contact form
        Drag and drop form builder
        Responses and files dashboard
    You want to receive requests from your website visitors with files attached? Then you are at the right place! Let your customers upload any files to their request. You can use the drag and drop builder to determine what information you get from your requesters. Name, email, comments, dropdown, checkboxes and of course the upload field. There are many use cases where a file (.png, .jpeg, .pdf and many more) of the requestor is helpful. Be it a quotation, a service in the field of design or important files for a consultant, for example.
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    Supports all file types
    Unlimited responses
    All Form Features
    24/7 Support
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