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Sales Popup by POWR
Доступний безкоштовний план

Sales Popup by POWR

Offer discounts, flash sales & promos with popup
Доступний безкоштовний план

Огляд додатка Sales Popup by POWR

    Offer customers a discount popup or a special offer pop up when they show exit intent to reduce cart abandonment.
    Collect email addresses in your customized popup and send customers automated welcome emails after they sign up.
    Get started easily with beautiful templates to collect emails, make announcements, or increase sales.
    Capture email addresses and connect with Mailchimp (or other email providers) to sync new signups automatically.
For sales: - Take your lead collection campaigns to a new level with a popup/countdown timer combo. Create intense urgency! - Create a discount popup with a discount code and offer a coupon to copy on click. - Announce upcoming product releases or flash sales events. - Add clickable images (like emojis) to gather feedback in an image popup or announce flash sales. For lead collection: - Get new emails for nurture campaigns with a site-entry popup. Stay in touch via your personal dashboard. Connect with Mailchimp (or other email providers) to automatically sync new contacts. - Create a signup popup for a newsletter or email subscriber list - Collect user feedback with a survey or poll popup. Set custom triggers that decide when your popup appears on the page. Choose to show it after a time delay, on a click, or when a user is about to exit your page. You can also set a display schedule so it only displays between cer Exit popups are excellent for increasing time spent on your page and closing sales when a visitor shows exit intent. Get started quickly and easily with beautiful templates for all your needs: email signups, announcements, and popups to boost sales.
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Весь контент додатку, який відображається на вашому сайту, можна перекласти на будь-яку мову.

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Beautiful pre-built templates
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Copy coupon codes on click
Email collection dashboard
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Set display schedule
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Unlimited popup controls
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