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Form Builder & Payments
Доступний безкоштовний план

Form Builder & Payments

Contact forms, order forms + collect payments
Доступний безкоштовний план
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  • Огляд додатка Form Builder & Payments

        Create various types of forms in minutes to capture contact info, collect quote requests & file uploads, or order forms for sales
        Get automatic email notifications each time you get a new form response. New responses sync with Wix Inbox and Wix Contacts
        Save time with POWRful integrations: take payments with Stripe and PayPal, or automatically sync with Mailchimp, Google Sheets, Zapier + others
        Create your own customized autoresponder confirmation email for customers
    The easy way to create a custom contact us form, order form, payment form, donation form, quote request form, event or product registration form for your website. Set it up in 5 minutes! Create unlimited forms for free. Save Admin Time: - Securely collect payments, donations, or subscriptions from dozens of providers in 100s of currencies - Connect to Mailchimp to sync new contacts automatically - Collect responses in real-time via Google Sheets - Integrate with 1000s of other tools with Zapier Use Advanced Form Features: - Collect file uploads - Use conditional logic to show/hide questions based on a customer's previous response - Split your form into multiple pages (or steps) - Redirect users after submission, or show them a 'Thank You' message Improve Response Time: - Send instant customized autoresponder emails - Limit submissions by a date or time - Avoid spam with reCAPTCHA or by limiting user submissions - See a summary of all communications in your personal Response Dashboard
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    Ціна й тарифні плани

    План BASIC


    25 form submissions/month
    6 form field elements
    Enable star ratings element
    Form submissions dashboard
    План STARTER


    Remove POWR Logo + Multi-page forms
    100 form submissions/month
    Accept payments via Stripe + PayPal
    Customizable autoresponder emails
    План PRO


    All of Starter +
    1,000 submissions/month
    20 form field elements
    Conditional logic


    All of Pro +
    Unlimited form submissions
    Unlimited form fields
    Custom CSS & JS
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