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The Branding Task Force
The Branding Task Force
For those who need a website and needed it done yesterday.

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We build beautiful websites ridiculously fast with an intimate understanding of your brand and vision....

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Paul Barnes

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I was previously overwhelmed by the process of creating a website myself, but The Branding Task Force made it incredibly easy. They scheduled regular meetings, walked me through the entire process from start to finish, and helped me express my creative side in a professional and effective way. I was initially concerned about the cost, but The Branding Task Force was upfront about costs and came in under budget. For the amount of work they did and the great results, I must say it was the bargain of a lifetime. I would highly recommend The Branding Task Force to any business looking for a professional and affordable website design solution....

Quality of work: Robert has made sure every detail of my website is well cared for and taken care of … it felt so easy and flowy working with him because I felt like he took the lead on all details and left me no space to worry .. it was all taken care of .. from the website format … to the website design and customer satisfaction… he ensured that not only did he delivery a well functioning website but that it was high quality as well.. and I say this with full confidence! Communication: Robert was very timely… scheduling meetings on time and responding to emails very quickly … he makes sure that you understand all details in the conference call so you can also be well off without him ! Delivery time: Veryyy fast .. my website was done in a day !! ...