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Mahmud S. Abdullahi
Mahmud S. Abdullahi
WiX Expert | Wix Professional | Wix Designer | Website Designer
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Про Mahmud S. Abdullahi

Certified WiX Pro Designer with a creative approach and a passion for excellence. I specialize in developing websites from scratch using the WiX platform, and I can take it's functionality to the next level. I decided to bring my expertise to Wix Marketplace to continue delivering my expertise to whoever wants to stand out with a great and professional website. Having successfully completed 100+ website projects on Upwork and continuing to add to that count. My attention to detail ensures that my clients always get the desired functionality they need, and the website designs I create are consistently clean and sturdy. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me. My skills include: WIX website creation | revamping WIX sites | WIX SEO | WIX blog | WIX mobile site | WIX ecommerce | database in WIX | member login system in WIX | Google Analytics in WIX | Wix Integration....

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