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Apex Marketing Team, LLC.
Apex Marketing Team, LLC.
Apex has been featured on NBC, FOX, and CBS. We look forward to helping.

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Apex Marketing Team is a full-stack marketing agency, featured on NBC, FOX, FOX NEWS, YAHOO FINANCE, and CBS, focused on digital design, development, and conversion. Serving the entire United States with locations in: Tupelo, MS | Destin, FL | Memphis, TN | Huntsville, AL | New York City, NY Join our almost 20,000 followers on social. ...

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25 трав. 2023 р.

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Kyle was very professional, patient, and knowlegable in setting up my new website. I have a great website. ...

The Copper Cup

24 лют. 2023 р.

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Paid for our products and was promised a couple of weeks delivery time from Apex Marketing. That was November 2022. It is now the end of February 2023. Communication is severely lacking for both companies. Phone calls are not answered ina timely fashion (costing us money) or we are hung up on by both companies. Apex delivered a static subpar website with a UIX that does not deliver am integrated experience as promised. Found out January 2023 that our “product manager” was fired when her email bounced back as undeliverable. Upon inquiring about the service they were supposed to be providing, the owner, Kyle, grew snippy and aggressive. I will not deal with him again. If he is unable to manage his employees and his business, my company will not going paying for it… I want a full review and investigation of what I paid for versus what was delivered with the very costly extended timeline… At this point WIX.com, and its partners, are costing us money as we were supposed to be live this month. I have tried calling WIX.com several times through the 800-600-0949 number and been hung up on every time except for once and then she hung up on me. Very unprofessional and disappointing. At this point in time if I do not have resolution by the end of next week, 3/3/2023, I will be filing a Better Business Bureau report on WIX.com and APEX Marketing. I look forward to true customer service being demonstrated, or not, in the next 7-days. Gypsy Biller, CEO The Copper Cup...
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Well Gypsy I hate to see this. We take customer feedback very seriously, which is why we also keep all emails so if something like this does come up we have evidence of everything. I do not think it will let us upload all of the email screenshots we have where you apologized for delays cause of personal issues, or our attempts to get needed content from you all for the site which we would have to keep doing to keep the project moving forward, or the delay in final payment emails showing that was needed to launch. More importantly, it won't let us upload the emails saying "It Looks Great, Thank You" and "Thank You We Are Excited About The Site" or you were leaving us a good review "today" back in early Jan. Seems your review is based on something other than your actual experience with us. Even when accused of "not setting up your social media" I, Kyle, personally responded at 10pm only 6 minutes after your email with screenshots of all accounts active on all platforms. We seemed to have done "a great job" up until you requested to have the site transferred to cut out our hosting costs, which we did the same day as the request. I know you have had some issues getting the domain connected to the site since then, but again, as far as what we were hired and paid to do, seems you were very happy and we were very patient and communicated well. Hope whatever is really behind this review gets better for you and if you ever do need help, we are here to help. Also, all screenshots of emails have been forwarded to our WIX partner manager and would also be sent to our rep at the BBB which will more than cover any "investigation" you are wanting done. Always here to help-Kyle Barker, Owner, Apex Marketing Team, LLC. ReachingApex.com...